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& Non-Lawyer Document Services | Florida

Welcome to Bright Paralegal Services

Bright Paralegal Services offers remote Legal Support to Attorneys and Law Firms throughout the State of Florida and remote Legal Document Services to individuals and non-lawyers Statewide. Our services encompass many areas of law including but not limited to Family, Probate, Estate Planning, Guardianship, Real Estate, Criminal, Business, Civil, etc.

If you are a non-lawyer, we will prepare your petitions, complaints, pleadings, motions, notices, etc. utilizing Florida Supreme Court-approved documents.

Bright Legal Document Services Can Help

Bright Legal Document Services makes working with a virtual paralegal and/or legal document preparer easy. Once you’re set up with us as a client/customer, you can simply call, fax or e-mail us with questions and/or additional information.

We’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete the job, and once you approve it, we’ll get started on it right away. If you have a deadline you need to meet, we will do everything humanly possible to assist in making that happen.

Our turn-around-time is very quick and we are very responsive to our clients on a regular basis.

We offer our services to individuals and attorneys in all cities and counties throughout Florida.

High Quality Virtual Non-Lawyer Paralegal Service

Bright Paralegal Services has over 25 years of experience managing the needs of complex cases for Attorneys that require document production. What sets us apart is our expertise in legal terminology and procedures. In addition to assisting with document production, we are computer savvy. We help Attorneys to free up time dealing with clients, prep witnesses, and work on getting new business while we do the document drafting.

Bright Paralegal Services cannot provide Paralegal Services to individuals. 


We only provide Paralegal Services to Attorneys in good standing with the American Bar Association, State Bar Association, and Local Bar Association.


If you are a non-lawyer, we provide Legal Document Preparation Services to those who choose to be self-represented.

If you are an individual in need of legal advice or representation in court, please contact an attorney.

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Areas of Practice



    •   Summons
    •   Complaint
    •   Pleadings
    •   Discovery
    •   Motions
    •   Notices
    •   Subpoena


    •   Dissolution of Marriage
    •   Modifications/ Contempt
    •   Paternity
    •   Family Adoptions
    •   Annulments
    •   Domestic Violence
    •   Name Change
    •   Prenuptials

Estate Planning

      •   Living Trust
      •   Last Will & Testament
      •   Health Care Surrogate
      •   Living Will
      •   Durable Power of Attorney
      •   HIPAA Waiver
      •   Guardianship
      •   Guardian Advocacy


    •   Summary Administration
    •   Formal Administration
    •   Litigation

Landlord Tenant

    •   Evictions
    •   Commercial Leases
    •   Residential Leases

Real Estate

  •   Closing Documents
  •   Foreclosures
  •   Property Transfer Deeds


    •   DUI
    •   Early Termination of Probation
    •   Modification of Probation
    •   Expungements


    •   LLC Set Up
    •   Operating Agreements
    •   Partnerships
    •   Partnership Agreements
    •   Judgment Liens


    •   Review
    •   Drafting and Redlining

Additional Services Include: