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Bright Paralegal Services knows what business lawyers need to get and retain clients. At the top of the list is the ability to quickly expand and contract your support staff so that you can jump on matters quickly, but not waste overhead on a bloated staffing. Whether it’s a large corporate client or a fledgling start-up, business clients aren’t willing to wait around for their work to get done. If you can’t provide excellent service at the drop of a hat, you’ll  lose clients to your competitors. That’s why so many business lawyers are turning to virtual paralegals to augment their in-house staff. Bright Paralegal Services can provide a wide array of business law support services, and you never have to pay us to sit around and look busy.


Litigation Support Services


Business lawyers never know when they’re going to get a call from a client that’s just been sued. It’s all hands-on deck, and with Bright Paralegal Services, you’ll always know that you can quickly jump in and defend your client promptly. We can handle litigation support matters such as:

  • Breach of Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements   
  • Theft of Trade Secrets                                                       
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Defamation
  • Partner and Shareholder Disputes
  • Employment Discrimination Defense
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty


Document and Client Support Services


Businesses need attorneys to form, maintain and expand their businesses. Much of this work involves the time consuming drafting of various documents such as:


  • Formation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships
  • Loan and Vendor Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Compliance Filings with Governmental Entities
  • Non-disclosure Agreements


Bright Paralegal Services can quickly produce a draft of these and other documents for your approval. We can also support your back office by maintaining case files and keeping clients up to date. You can hire us for one document, one case or your entire caseload, and you never have to pay us to surf the net.


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