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At Bright Paralegal Services, we know that litigation attorneys’ needs can fluctuate daily, month by month, and year by year. When a case is coming up for a trial, the subpoenas need to start flying out of the printers, but after the verdict comes in, there might be little administrative work for months. 

When litigation attorneys are on trial, back office support needs to be ramped up to handle client inquiries and routine paperwork that thrifty attorneys handle on their own when sitting in the office between appearances.

That’s why we’ve created a package of offerings to help attorneys run their litigation practices smoothly while keeping costs down. With Bright Paralegal Services, you’ll always have just the right staff.

A Virtual Litigation Support Paralegal can help you efficiently manage your caseload or by the document as an educated and experienced on-call paralegal when demands warrant it. 

We have the ability to assist you with various types of legal disputes, including: