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At Bright Paralegal Services, we know that litigation attorneys’ needs can fluctuate day by day, month by month and year by year. When a case is coming up for trial, the subpoenas need to start flying out of the printers, but after the verdict comes in, there might not be very much administrative work for months. When attorneys are on trial, back office support needs to be ramped up to handle client inquiries and routine paperwork that thrifty attorneys handle on their own when they are sitting in the office between appearances. That’s why we’ve created a package of offerings to help attorneys run their litigation practices smoothly while keeping costs down. With Bright Paralegal Services, you’ll always have just the right amount of staff.


 How Can We Help You With Litigation Support?


Having an educated and experienced paralegal on call can help you efficiently manage the following types of litigation matters:

litigation support

    • Environmental Law
    • Landlord/Tenant
    • Product Liability
    • Personal Injury and Accidents
    • Intellectual Property and Defamation
    • Medical and Dental Malpractice
    • Employment Law and Discrimination
    • Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody
    • Civil Rights
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Commercial Disputes
    • Real Estate
    • Corporate Filings
    • Trusts & Estates
    • Probate

 Flexible Litigation Support


You can hire Bright Paralegal Services to handle one document or your entire caseload, depending on your needs. We can help you with opening new cases, client communication, correspondence, cite checking and proofing, drafting and redlining contracts, preparing pleadings, e-filing, discovery requests, subpoenas, database management and so much more. With our support, you’ll never miss a deadline or find yourself up all night drafting documents on your own. For example, you can just send us the type of contract you need and the specifics of the case, and we can quickly provide you with a first draft to review. Give us the specifics for the subpoena you need issued, and find drafts in your inbox. The best part is that once the trial is finished, you don’t have to pay us to sit around, filing our nails and listening to pop music.


Litigators Can Do More Work From Home


Many attorneys are discovering that hiring virtual litigation support, instead of full-time employees, enables them to do more of their work from the privacy of their home. Some small firm or solo lawyers have realized that they no longer need to pay large amounts of money for office spaces, simply renting a conference room to meet with clients or dedicating a space in their home. The savings from no longer paying for full-time staff and monthly office rent is just part of the picture. Working from home can also save money on commuting costs, clothing and dry cleaning, eating out and child care. If you’re finding that your office is often overstaffed or understaffed, but never staffed just right, virtual litigation support might be your solution.


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