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At Bright Paralegal Services we know that attorneys need a great deal of support during Probate. We can provide that assistance from beginning to end, and you only have to pay us for the work we actually do for you. Whether it’s a small estate with few assets or a multi-million dollar estate with many different types of assets, we can help you through the entire probate process including:


Support During Every Phase of Probate


  • Drafting & Filing Petitions For Probate
  • Guardianships (Conservatorships)
  • Inventories, Accountings, distinguishing probate and non-probate assets
  • Filing the Estate Tax Return
  • Quit Claim and Personal Representative Deeds
  • Probate Litigation
  • Case Management and Tracking
  • Summary and Formal Administration
  • Paying Creditors
  • Assisting With Distribution of Assets


How Bright Paralegal Services Help Your Probate Practice


In addition to drafting and filing documents, paralegals can assist with client contact, notifying beneficiaries, compliance issues related to trusts and other important issues that are part of the probate process. Bright Paralegal Services can also assist with researching creditor claims and with drafting and filing tax returns for the Estate. You can hire us to help you with one probate document, an entire probate matter or many probate matters. We only charge you for the services we do, and you never have to pay us for sitting hanging around the office trying to look busy.


We Can Virtually Hold Your Client’s Hand


Families are grieving and often need more attention from their attorneys than it’s possible for them to provide. Bright Paralegal Services can help you keep families up to date with the progress of probate and act as your intermediary to provide answers to their many questions that arise, sometimes on a daily basis. The personal representative (executor) of the estate can have many questions about their responsibilities that we can help them with, including helping them find appraisers and accountants for the estate. With Bright Paralegal Services at your side, you can take on more cases and handle them at the highest level, yielding positive reviews and referrals.


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