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Trusts and estates attorneys shift into high gear when one of their clients passes away and the estate goes into probate. The probate process can take months or years, and requires different levels of support during different parts of the process. Meanwhile, clients expect to receive and execute their Wills and other estate planning documents in a timely manner. How can this be done successfully without paying to have staff that is often idle? Bright Paralegal Services can provide assistance with a single document or provide start to finish help for an entire matter.




  • Drafting estate documents including: Living Trusts, Wills, Health Care Directives and Proxies, Power of Attorney,  Living Wills, Transfer Deeds
  • Case Management and Tracking


How A Virtual Paralegal Can Assist With Probate


A paralegal’s probate support begins with drafting the documents to submit the estate to probate. Once the probate is underway, an experienced paralegal can draft the court ordered notices to beneficiaries and creditors. A paralegal can also monitor the progress of an executor or personal representative, assessing whether this individual is carrying out their duties in an efficient and ethical matter, reporting concerns to the attorney. If an estate matter is contested, a virtual paralegal can be a valuable asset during during discovery, preparing responsive pleadings, subpoenas and other documents required during the process.


How A Virtual Paralegal Can Assist With Estate Planning


Estate planning requires a large amount of document protection. A virtual paralegal can assist with the preparation of these documents, freeing up attorneys for court appearances, client contact and business development. For example, the specifics of Will can be sent to a virtual paralegal after an intake, who will work it up into a first draft for the attorney to review. Revocable living trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and living wills can all be drafted by paralegals and presented to attorneys for review.


Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Packages


Bright Paralegal Services is ready to help you with one document or your entire caseload. We can put together a package of services that meets any solo attorney or small firm’s needs. Please ask us about our estate planning and probate packages.


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