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Virtual Paralegals Help Small Law Firms and Solo Attorneys Save Money

Fierce competition has made the practice of law increasingly competitive, forcing small firms and solo practitioners to either find ways to slash overhead or shut down. When considering where to make cuts, smart attorneys know they can’t cut corners on providing excellent service to their clients. So many small firms and solo practitioners are hiring virtual Paralegals to supplement their office staff.

What is a Virtual Paralegal?

A virtual Paralegal is an experienced and highly trained professional who can help an attorney draft documents, manage their court calendar, and file them at court. Some virtual Paralegals are specialists in specific areas of the law, such as family law and divorce, wills and trusts, probate, civil litigation, real estate, criminal law, guardianship, or other areas. The advantage of hiring a virtual Paralegal is that you only pay them for their work, so you are free to expand or contract your staffing as your caseload dictates. Bright Paralegal Services assists attorneys who practice in many different areas of the law and can provide a wide range of services to help your practice.

When Should You Hire a Virtual Paralegal?

An attorney’s blood pressure rises when a case that should have been settled must suddenly be prepped for trial. Trial prep can overload the entire staff of a small firm or solo office, leaving the remaining clients and their cases stagnant. That’s an excellent time to hire a virtual paralegal to draft subpoenas, mark up exhibits, and draft motions so that you can concentrate on prepping witnesses and your other cases. When the verdict is in, you can quickly downsize back to your previous staff level. Another good time to hire a virtual assistant is when you’ve retained many new clients and must set up files and commence lawsuits. Some attorneys hire virtual assistants to answer phones, manage calendars, and perform other ongoing tasks.

What Qualifications Should I Seek For A Virtual Paralegal?

It’s essential to hire a virtual Paralegal that is experienced and organized, just as you would for a staff position in your office. Make sure that the paralegal you hire has time to take on your project and has experience in your specific area of the law. Bright Paralegal Services can answer all your questions about hiring a virtual Paralegal that suits your firm’s needs well.


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